A banner that reads "climate protection is not a crime" hangs over the entrance to the urban railway station Jannowitzbrücke
Extinction Rebellion - Berlin - Day #3
09 October 2019, Germany, Berlin: Activists of the socio-political Movement "Extinction Rebellion" on Day #3 of their so called blockade of Berlin. 
A singer of of the "Animal Rebellion" movement entertains the crowd at the Blockade of the Jannowitzbrücke
A child climbs a pink plastic rhino with the logo of the "Extinction Rebellion" movement
up: law enforcement officers cut the chains of some of the Activist in an attempt to move them from the Mühlendammbrücke
down: another blockade at the Marschallbrücke, close to Berlins Reichstag building
Extinction Rebellion - Berlin - Day #2
the activists' flag still flies over the blockade at the Großer Stern
08 October 2019, Germany, Berlin: Day #2 of the "Extinction Rebellions" blockade
up: law enforcement officers attempt to push the activists of the roundabout
down: activist cheer after the polices failed attempt to clear the traffic node
Extinction Rebellion - Berlin - Day #1
07 October 2019, Germany, Berlin: "Extinction Rebellion" on Day #1
The Activist were most active around the Großer Stern roundabout and Potsdamer Platz.
The activists are blocking the Großer Stern roundabout in Berlins Tiergarten district
At Potsdamer Platz a registered demonstration took place
A Police officer attempts to move a demonstrator from Berlins Potsdamer Platz

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